Understanding the Different Types of Colloidal Silver

It is important to understand the three main types of silver most often used for health are:

Ionic silver – A majority of products labeled as colloidal silver are this type.

Silver protein – I strongly recommend you avoid this due to the low particle surface area, making it challenging to absorb and less effective, in my opinion.

True colloidal silver –True colloidal silver solutions are the most effective types of solutions to support health.

The term colloidal means particles not ions, but producers of ionic silver products will try to convince the buyer that their product is a silver colloid. The common thread in most advertisements selling ionic silver products (labeled as colloidal silver) is to claim that ions are silver particles, or they try to blur the distinction by using the terms interchangeably.

Certain forms of colloidal silver products may be contaminated by salts, proteins, stabilizers, and

One of the traditional uses of colloidal silver was the belief that it could help support immune function.

People have used silver for thousands of years to support their health including

Immune system support

Intestinal/digestive health support

Respiratory support

Myths about Colloidal Silver

There are several misconceptions out there about colloidal silver. And these myths can lead to more confusion when it comes to choosing a high-quality silver supplement.

Here are what I consider the top five myths about colloidal silver:

Myth #1: The higher the PPM (parts per million), the more effective the product – In my opinion, what makes a high-quality silver formula is not its PPM, but rather its particle charge and purity

Myth #2: Colloidal silver formulas should not be clear – Pure silver colloids should be clear to a pale hue. Darker color is an indication of one or more impurities. True colloidal silver is 100% clear

Myth #3: Elemental (neutral) particles of silver (Ag) are more active than positively charged silver particles– Some manufacturers claim elemental silver particles are responsible for colloidal silver’s effects. However, researchers found that colloidal silver’s potency is directly related to its level of silver ion concentration