How Does Colloidal Silver Work

Most people today have heard of food compounds call anti-oxidants or bioflavonoids. These are found in plants, especially fruits. Every moment of our lives cells split apart and give off atoms of oxygen are early sought after by cancer cells and other disease organisms which must help them to grow.

But they are also fiercely competed for by the anti-oxidants and bioflavanoids which depriving these pathogens of oxygen slowing down their growth.

Death by Suffocation

Colloidal Silver has a similar effect, but works in a different manner. It would seem to have an everlasting dislike of all single celled pathogens, be they bacterial, fungal or viral. Silver too loves oxygen. The Silver colloids in the blood stream seek out and surround their victims, smother them and being totally deprived of all sustenance they suffocate and die.

Technical explanation of how it works

Here is a more technical explanation of how Colloidal Silver works, one must first understand how Colloidal Silver restores health in the cells of the body by killing disease and organisms and viruses:

  • "In order to understand how Colloidal Silver works, one must first understand the disease state of the body. The body encounters pathogens and other foreign entities many times a day. When the body is healthy it maintains a proper pH and oxygen-rich environment"
  • "The pH (potential of Hydrogen) inside the cells of the body are usually the near the alkaline of 7.3. Outside the cell, the fluid surrounding the cells will usually realize an acidic pH, 4.0"
  • However, when the an individual does not maintain a healthy environment in the body, the PH begins to rise in the outer fluids and fall inside the cell"
  • "Oxygen levels in the cells respond by decreasing. Pathogens (living disease organisms) that grow in the body will usually attack these weakened cells and 'set up shop'. These organisms, that can cause illness and attack these weak cells, cannot survive in healthy cells that have the outer fluid pH below 4.0 and inner cellular fluid pH 6.9"
  • "Silver maintains a positive charge, which when introduced to areas of infection disrupt the pathogens causing the illness. Interestingly, Colloidal Silver kills the organisms by inhibiting the enzyme that these pathogens utilize to survive in their anaerobic (airless) environment. This enzyme is the pathogen"s "chemical lung". Without the necessary enzyme for metabolism, grown and, regeneration and survival , the pathogen suffocates and dies.
  • "Viruses on the other hand, are destroyed, it is believed because the electric charge of silver particles causes their protective protein coat, also referred as the "head", to collapse. The are therefore unable to replicate, and are removed from the body by immune, lymphatic, and intestinal elimination methods."
  • "This process is so effective that no pathogen has been recorded to mutate against Colloidal Silver, or live in its presence for more that six minutes. . While antibiotics are loosing their effectiveness as strains of germs become resistant to conventional antibiotics, they are not able to develop any resistant strains or immunity to Silver.