Colloidal Silver for Children & Infant Ear Infections

Ear Infections are a common childhood problem that most children experience an ear infection before the age of four. Some adults continue to suffer throughout their whole adult life.

These infections, apart from being painful also carry the risk of hearing loss.

Traditional treatments would require several doctors’ visits, the use of antibiotics which can be difficult for your children to take and in some cases ineffective.

Many parents are looking for more natural options rather than traditional medicine which can be costly.

A few drops of a safe yet powerful mineral supplement known as colloidal silver can help assist with the pain of ear infections, allowing rest for both children and parents.

The Cause of Ear infections

Ear infections have a number of different causes. Public pools can be the source of fungi or bacteria-contaminated water that enters the ear and irritates the canal. Commonly known as “swimmer's ear,” this condition is medically known as otitis externis. Also eczema in the ears can cause infection, or by too vigorously cleaning or scratching the entry point of the ear. Symptoms can by moderate pain, particularly during chewing and swallowing, or if the infected ear is tugged upon. In the case of younger children it can be show its self as inappropriate behaviour and a lack of energy and crying holding ears in young children.

Ear infections are most common in winter and in spring because bacteria from respiratory infections, allergies and colds. Most of the time, it is the small conduit in the ear called the Eustachian tube that becomes blocked or infected. This tube reaches from the eardrum to the outer ear. It is so small that even cigarette smoke or air pollution can irritate it and cause it to swell.

Middle ear infections are so common in small children because the Eustachian tubes are small and they have not hardened yet. So, they are easily inflamed. Children in preschools where they are exposed many other children and ways of transference.

Conventional Treatments Can Be Extreme

Traditional doctors will likely treat the pain with a painkiller or anti-inflammatory. Typically, doctors prescribe the painkillers acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Ibuprofen, commonly known as nurophen, can irritate the esophagus and stomach.

In the case of chronic ear infection where the fluid builds up behind the eardrum and presents a danger of bursting it, the doctor may prescribe on-going treatment with antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver Keeps It Simple

Colloidal silver is perhaps the world’s simplest and most effective help for ear infections. That’s because it is all-natural, comes in liquid form which can easily be dropped into the ear using a standard eyedropper. Unlike traditional prescription drugs which are designed to work against specific classes of bacteria, and won’t work at all against fungal pathogens or viruses, colloidal silver has very broad spectrum antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal qualities.

Both bacteria and viruses can be present in cases of ear infection. And often a fungus can be involved, as is commonly the case with swimmer's ear.

How to Use Colloidal Silver to Treat Ear Infection

According to the experienced colloidal silver users we’ve interviewed, less is more when it comes to treating ear infections with colloidal silver.

You see, even though the pain of an ear infection can be excruciating, the area affected is actually very small. The part of the ear most commonly affected, the Eustachian tube, is tiny.

People unfamiliar with colloidal silver usage might be tempted to administer copious amounts of the substance into the ear in an attempt to end suffering faster. But, three drops in the affected ear, once or twice per day at most, should be sufficient. Any more is not only a waste, but it can be counterproductive to effective treatment.

To safely administer colloidal silver, it is best to lie down on your side with the affected ear pointing upward. Using a standard eye dropper, place no more than three drops of colloidal silver at the opening of the ear canal, and allow it to drain down into the ear.

If you are administering the drops into a child's ear, you might have the child lie with his or her head in your lap. Use no more than two drops of colloidal silver with small children.

Remain in this position for six or seven minutes, allowing the colloidal silver plenty of time to seep down into the ear.

Colloidal silver works fast, but if you are still having symptoms of an ear infection several hours after the first application, wait a half a day and insert another two or three drops into the affected ear. In many cases, an ear infection clears overnight after the first application.

But sometimes it takes two or three applications before results are noticed.

Also, taking an oral dose of colloidal silver – for most people, two or three teaspoons full twice a day during the course of the earache – can be extremely beneficial.

If an ear infection does not clear up within a day or two at the very most, be sure to consult with your doctor again. There are very few pathogens colloidal silver is not effective against. But if colloidal silver doesn’t work, it is best to act quickly to get your ear infection treated professionally.

[IMPORTANT NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors. We are distributors of nutritional supplements. Therefore we cannot and do not offer medical advice. If you have a medical problem, please see your licensed physician. Self-treatment is not recommended.