Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful, natural, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti viral, anti-parasite and body normalising substance ever discovered and used in medicine.

In laboratory tests, at just 5 parts per million, single-celled organisms such as bacteria, fungus and viruses are killed in just 4-5 minutes. It is tasteless or almost so, odourless and non toxic. It has never been know to interact with any medical drug, or in normal doses, to upset the stomach. Actually it is an aid to digestion.

What is a colloid?

A colloid is a liquid containing tiny particles of any kind of mineral , little larger than atoms. In this state colloids are the smallest particle of a mineral that can exist and retain its own identifying characteristic.

It is possible to create colloids of any mineral. Sea water contains colloids of all minerals. They are so tiny that they are permanently suspended in the water. It has been estimated the sea contains around 8000 million tons of colloidal gold.

What part of the body can colloidal silver be used on?

Any part of the body you can possibility place it. Internally by swallowing, in the ears and in the eyes with a sprayer or dropper and on the skin as a gel.

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